Monday, August 26, 2013

Persuasive Essays and Articles

Persuasive Essays and Articles

Bruna Martinuzzi "Why English Majors Are the Hot New Hires"
Jonathan Swift "A Modest Proposal"
Logic Fallacies
Eric Schlosser "Why McDonald's Fries Taste So Good"
Video Games and Art
On Gender
On Language
Losing and Failure

Other topics.
You Got Your What Where?
Why We Crave Horror Movies

Following are some important topics for which there are no equally important essay or article to match. Find your own articles on these topics as assigned. Read articles from this year and last year only. Vocabulary will not be accepted for these. Please talk in class or write a journal. The journal for these topics should include a brief summary as well as your thoughts.

College Education
(student loans, internet courses, college education as it relates to any type of job market)
(3d, CGI)
(Used for food delivery, package delivery, war, and movies, or a general how-are-they-going-to-do-this article.)
Movie Piracy
(Expendables 3)
Rock and Roll is Dead
(Gene Simmons)

Retired Articles
High School students and teachers in movies
On Education
On the future of having children

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