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Story is everywhere. Everything is story. Story existed before we did, and when we came, so came the storyteller. 

Some stuff about me.

I received a BA in English and an MA in Literature from Northwestern State University and MFAs in Creative Writing and Film Production from Chapman University. The two MFAs were unrelated. I focused on fiction for the former and film production for the latter.


The self-published horror novel Ana and the House Are One is available in hard copy at Lulu or Amazon or signed (link to patreon) from me and as an eBook.

The short story "A-Haunting We Will Go" appears in Bete Noire #13 in 2013, which is available signed by me or at Amazon.

In 1994 "Six Bullets to Kill" and "The Last Tree" appeared in the final issue of Innisfree (Eighty-Nine, Vlume XIII, No. 4) and in Child Life Magazine (October/November 1994) respectively. I have a few copies of these left.

Between 2004 and 2006, I logged and transcribed footage and interviews for the tv shows Renovate My Family and The Apprentice and for the documentaries Punk Like Me (2006) and So Goes the Nation (2006).

I worked as a production assistant on Slaughterhouse Phi: Death Sisters (2006) and Blood Legend (2006).  I assistant edited for Lewis Schoenbrun on Surveillance (2006) and wrote a scene for his Dr. Chopper (2005) (link to clip that you wrote).

I directed Gothic Vampires From Hell (2007). I worked with Dave Noble and Stormfront Entertainment on his feature Zydeco (2012). I made some short films here and there including my thesis project, “The Left Hand of Doom”; experimental films, “Self” and “Bridge”; and a great very short zombie flick “Dead Inside.” I created a web series BartendersRule the Universe starring two actors playing five roles apiece.

My filmmaking page on Facebook is Phantasmagoria Productions and the website is HERE. 

I currently write about movies for Psycho Drive-In. I wrote about cars in movies for Vast.com. I also recite some of my own poetry.

Between 2010 and 2015 I self-published some short stories through Smashwords.com, but am now returning to magazine submission both hard-copy and digital. My Facebook page for writing is Fred L. Taulbee Jr. Writer and my site is HERE. 

I started using DSLRs for filmmaking and fell into photography, even making a little bit of a living. My best work is with Stephanie Wells/Mayor Wells, and my best work is horror-based, including shoots for Wednesday Addams, Night of the Living Dead and A Girl Reading. My Facebook page is Phantasmagoria Productions and the website is PhantasmagoriaPhotography.

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