Always read the story first, then any biographical information or study questions that come along with it. You want to get an opinion on your own and then see what others think.

Take notes as you go along. Summarize the story for yourself in as short a sentence as possible. This will help trigger your memory if you wind up doing a paper on one of these.

Questions to ask for each story.
Each story has between 3-5 themes. What are they?
How does each story relate to other works by the same author or other authors?
What genre does the story belong to and why?

British Works

American Works

Reading List
1.  Literary and Mainstream Fiction
2.  James Thurber The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, plus article.
3.  Contemporary Fiction
4.  Literary and Mainstream with Genre Influences
5.  Edgar Allan Poe and Nathaniel Hawthorne
6.  Edgar Allan Poe and Arthur Conan Doyle

7.  Hardboiled Detective
8.  Mind-Bending Science Fiction
9.  H. P. Lovecraft
 I need to add some suggested stories here. This is his mostly complete short works.
10. African-American Literature
11. Female Writers
12. World Literature
13. Experimental Literature
14. Magical Realism
15. Native American Literature
16. War Stories

Latino/Hispanic Writers
Unfortunately, I cannot find pdf files or even just full text html sites for these stories, but if you can find them on your own let me know.
 Jose Armas El Tonto del Barrio
Oscar Casares Yolanda

Whew! Tidied up a lot of this so far. Still working on the rest.

11. Horror: Stephen King, John R. Platt

13. Fredric Brown

William Morris. The Lindenborg Pool. HERE.

15. Short Shorts. This section might be filler in between other genres.
16. Introduction to Poetry. This lecture might wind up at the beginning or end of the semester depending on the weather, since I generally like to have it outside.

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