Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Contemporary Fiction

John Updike "Pygmalion"
Warning: There are questions at the end of "Pygmalion." These are not my questions, and you are not assigned to read or do anything about them, but the information might be useful.

John Updike "A & P"

Tobias Wolff "Powder"

If you like those stories and you either want to read more similar or want to write a paper on those, you might read these stories too, though they might also be assigned elsewhere.

James Joyce "Araby." This story is somewhat similar to Updike's Pygmalion.
Roger Zelazny "Naked Matador." This story is similar to Updike's Pygmalion as well as Heimingway's "The Killers."

You can use these too, if you can find them.

John Updike "Oliver's Evolution"
John Updike " Separating"

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