Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Logic Fallacies

Read "Love is a Fallacy" by Max Shulman.

As a class or as an assignment we'll explore logic fallacies.

Check out these anti-Halloween articles and try to find some logic fallacies.

The Evil in Halloween Terry Ann Modica
Witchcraft Declared a Religion Don Feder
Halloween Unmasked as Callous Display Carol Ritter

The next two  articles are HERE, but you must scroll down to find them. Details below.

"Police Put on Alert for Satanism" Michelle Hiskey
You could easily miss this by scrolling down. It's just after the bold heading "A Couple Other Interesting Articles."
"Satanist 'Revival' Rumors Stir a Furor" Jack Kelley
This article ends just before the bold heading "The Spirit World."

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