Monday, August 26, 2013

All Types of Essays

All Types of Essays

Bruna Martinuzzi "Why English Majors Are the Hot New Hires"

Joe Posnanski "The Promise"

Charles Mann The Coming Death Shortage

Michael Chorost "My Bionic Quest for Bolero"

Ander Monson "Long Live the Jart"

Martin Robbins "This is a News Website Article about a Scientific Paper"
Natasha Singer "These Pants Saved My Life"
Steve Almond "Candyfreak"

Michele de Montaigne
Annie Dillard
Dave Barry
David Sedaris

On Gender
On Survival
Survivial Val Plumwood "Being Prey"
Dan Koeppel Taking A Fall
On Language
On Education

On Body Parts as a Market
Yudhijit Bhattacharjee The Organ Dealer
Gretchen Vogel Organs Made to Order
Alice Park A Court Allows Payment for Bone Marrow
A similar article by the same author but edited appears online elsewhere. Be sure to use this one.
NPR Human Tissue Donation
This is a 4-part series. Click on the links in part one for the other parts.
Darin Wolfe To See For One's Self

The articles below are either retired or we are still going through them.

Defining America
Adam Davidson "Making it in America"

How Technology Affects Us
Sharon Begley I Can't Think
Tony Dokoupil Is the Web Driving Us Mad?

Tom Vanderbilt "Let the Robot Drive"
Chris Anderson Here Come the Drones
Lev Grossman 2045, The Year Man Becomes Immortal
Brian Christian Mind Vs. Machine
Steve Featherstone The Coming Robot Army
Tom Vanderbilt Let the Robot Drive

The Future
Richard Coniff Meet the Species
T.A. Frail The Rise of Urban Farming
Mark Strauss What's Next in Space?
Robert Irion Asteroid Hunters

Current News

Scott Jaschik "A Stand Against Wikipedia"
Eric Schlosser "Kid Kustomers"

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