Sunday, August 28, 2011

Jonathan Swift A Modest Proposal

Swift, Jonathan. "A Modest Proposal."

If the link is broken search for it adding "pdf" or "full text" to your search words. You might also check

The current link is a pdf file, which you can save. However, it's a collection of Swift's work. Click on contents on the left side and click on "A Modest Proposal." PDF has its own internal print and save icons. They're right above the image of the text. Please use those instead of the web browser print and save buttons. Be sure not to print the entire book, just the pages for this essay.

For reading and discussion, consider the following:
See if you can find a thesis statement.
What do you think of the quality of his sources?
How are Americans treated in this work.
If he doesn't really mean us to believe his apparent thesis, then what is his real thesis?

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