Monday, February 4, 2013

The Writing Process

The Writing Process

My outline for the writing process is thus:
I. brainstorm ideas
II. outline and create a thesis statement
III. write a rough draft
IV. revise
V. revise
VI. revise
VII. final draft.

Four through six are there for a purpose. We should understand from them that we should revise more than once, especially for basic errors. For example, if you know you have a problem with spelling and run ons, you should go through your paper once just focusing on spelling and again just focusing on run ons, etc. This is the best way. I write fiction and have one novel completely perfect as far as I'm concerned. I've read it at least a hundred times revising it each time. It's not supposed to be easy by the way.

We all write differently. Some writers desperately need to outline. Some writers can write it the night before. If you're more comfortable writing your rough draft and then bouncing back to the outline, feel free. Part of the purpose of this assignment is to learn which way is best for you. I would still like you to attempt every process at some point.

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