Thursday, May 3, 2012

Avoid the Following:

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! Exclamation Marks. You rarely see exclamation marks in published articles and fiction. One of the rues of writing fiction is to show and not tell. And when you use an exclamation mark you're telling us it's exciting when you should be showing us by using words or emphasizing it with other mechanics.

(more examples later)

Sometimes the solution is already there.

"We went to amusement parks, beaches, restaraunts and of course, we went shopping!"

We're in a pre-established female point of view. The exclamation mark here is redundant. The "of course" performs the same function as the exclamation mark, by putting emphasis on the final item in this list. Not only that but "when" is repeated. Remove the exclamation mark and we still have the emphasis necessary.

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