Friday, September 2, 2011

temp blog for Pitkin students

Can't currently find the list with your emails on them, but it's somewhere. This is what we did today 9/2 Friday.

confirm everybody has access to mynsu. If not mention it to your counselor.
ludicrous idea by Wed. 9/7
I've changed this assignment. Let's not write an essay with this assignment. Just pick your topic, find one source, write down their thesis statement and outline their major points, three or more. Type it up in proper mla format, but it can just be a list and not prose.

Read Rant About Women by Clay Shirky found HERE.
Be careful printing this up. It's a blog with comments and runs 57 pages. You're only repsonsible for the article which is about 6-8 pages.

Find his definition for rant in the article
Write a 250 word rant about something. Due Wed. too.

Also read I want a wife found HERE

Could've sworn we did something else. If I remember it I'll let you know. If I don't you're not responsible.

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